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on the subject of soul mates...and tied into reincarnation

for those of you who believes in soul mates, do you think it's possible to have more then one? and what is a soul mate? i was thinking about it and i came up with a theory. this also links in with the belief of reincarnation. maybe when we die and we are reincarnated (if reincarnation is real that is, which i do believe) we can have pieces of us in seperate and various life forms. maybe that's what our soul mate(s) is/are; just another piece of us incorporated into someone/something else. and that's why we're drawn to them and seem to just fit together so, what seems, perfectly. and for those who never find their soul mate(s) they were only reincarnated into one life and wasn't able to scatter. or they just didn't find a missing piece. it seems no one is whole. so, those are just some of my thoughts. i think i kind of just rambled, not sure if i made a point or made you think, but that was my mission. so i hope i succeeded. i'll leave you with that.
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