Panda Girang (harehare) wrote in abstractthought,
Panda Girang

"I can't even imagine it"

for a long time I believe that the one thing human has which totally free and limitless is imagination. But yesterday i realized I was wrong.

I googled around about the dead of our sun, and i found out it takes 5 billion years from now for sun to die. And I realized that I cannot imagine what will human be in 5 billion years from now if we could avoid whatever doom waiting for us before then.

I can imagine humanity in hundreds, in thousands years from now. but i can't go further than that. Does it mean that even our imagination needs some believable fact for it to create something (i.e our history)? or is it just me? can you imagine it?

Is there any other thing that you realized you can't even imagine?
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