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How to Save Yourself Thousands of Lives

Most people today either don’t like to think or have succumbed to the harmful cycle of thinking about the “wrong” things.  There really is no such thing as right and wrong or good and bad. 


I place the word “wrong” in quotations because we live in a universe of duality and relativity.  An example of duality is good and evil, black and white, yin and yang, etc.  One cannot exist without the other in terms of experience.  How can we know what feeling good feels like if we have never felt bad before?  How can our taste buds experience sweet flavors unless we have tasted something bitter?  How can we know what our purpose is in life unless we have already experienced what our purpose is not?


So before you even think of humoring your own ego by having thoughts like:


Why can’t I ever be happy?

Why is there never enough money?

Why don’t my relationships ever last?

Why is life such a struggle?


Change your thought.  Every thought we have, every word we utter, every action we perform are creative behaviors.  We were born to create because God (Allah, Buddha, Yahweh, Cher, Michael Jackson, Whoever Your Higher Power Is, etc) made us in His image, and He/She/It is the Ultimate Creator.


Why is it so hard for you to believe that you are as perfect as a snowflake, as unique as a fingerprint, as innocent as a child?  Because you have forgotten where you came from.


The purpose of life is not to learn, but to remember Who You Are.  You are the extension of the Ultimate Creator, who gave you the breath of life so that He could experience His Own Godliness.  God is the Absolute, and there is no polarity, duality, or opposite of Him.  In order to experience God’s Own Godliness, He had to separate Himself into other beings and come to know us as the infinite facets of His Own Perfection.


Our souls are parts of Him, and they know this deep down.  Anything that derives from love is an example of this, and you can remember if you only believe that you are a soul made of Pure Love.  In order to remember, we must first experience the opposite, and that is what we have created or imagine to be “hell”. 


Hell is nothing more that what is derived from fear, which is the opposite of Love.  Our souls know deep down that whatever we fear, we attract.  Nothing that comes from fear is “good”. 


God doesn’t “do”, “wish”, or “will” anything in our lives.  He would never have given us free will if He was going to just control it all anyway.  He gave us free will so that we can make the choices that will help us remember Who We Are.  God observes patiently as we destroy our own planet and negatively affect every life within it.  He is not saddened by our destruction, because He gave us the creative power that He Himself possesses.  He knows the Ultimate Outcome of our Universe, and no matter what His children do, this Outcome will never change.  All souls must walk their own path, but we will all end up back at home with God where we belong.

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