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life. treasure it.

I am writing this story in hope of opening some people’s hearts. I will delete this story and only publish it on this website. I hope that no plagiarism will be committed, and I hope that you will see beyond the words in this short story.


We are all waiting. For something, or for someone perhaps. Or waiting for forgiveness, or something that cannot be counted or even seen, or maybe, even something that humans cannot comprehend.

 I am a human being, and my life has been a roller coaster ride. From torture to a blessing in disguise.

Why do we envy other people? When we should be treasuring our lives, for our hearts are still beating. For the blood that is still alive with oxygen. We should be celebrating every moment of it, and cherish everyone who is around you. Not because for what they have done, but for the affinity that you share with them, to be able to know them, talk to them and be part of the beautiful memories that stay with a person for life. Hate is a painful thing. It takes away the freedom of life, it pollutes the air that you breathe.

Why do people fail? Why are there losers?

Simply because we created the words. We created the very rules that determine a person’s fate When we have no right to do that at all. The world we now live in reflects to us, the words we have created that have destroyed so many lives. Why? Simply because we created it, the world where paper is power and king.

Life is too short. And we live every moment in hurt of some sort. There is a Chinese saying that says, “A fool has a fool’s good luck”

Sometimes, not knowing is the best way to happiness. But being oblivious will not solve any problems.

I would like to use this story or passage, to tell everyone. We are all human beings. Handicapped or sick, we are still human beings with hearts. Just because the world that we live in states rules like discrimination against handicapped and the skin colour; but we have the power to think. Some rules are meant to be broken. Why wait, when life is so short. Why waste time, living in pain?

We humans have created more evil than good. It is time to change for the better.

Show kindness to people. Because we are all valuable. We are alive. We can do things that will make the world a better place. So you may live with no regrets and happiness.

Start by helping the deaf, blind and all handicapped or sick. They are all valuable lives created by God.

Be considerate to them, and accept them as your own. Because you all have one thing in common.


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