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Which came first - the chicken or the egg? (new solution)

Looks like I found a new solution to this old scholastic problem. Never seen such decision in works of Plutarch, Macrobius,
and others. (See. [1] and cited therein, and [2], [3]), so i consider myself as a pioneer - and if anyone thinks otherwise - please convincingly speak.

Preliminary considerations

Since the question was initially raised by the ancient Greeks and Romans - philosophers, logics and scholastics, the answer is to be found in the same areas of knowledge, using the same tools (ie involvement of data and methods, such as genetics or paleozoology - means going beyond the original problem).

In addition, the formulation of the problem allows for evolution - if something came before / after, it means that before this - it was something different (ie, the question implies a certain variability of the phenomenon in time).

I contend that it is possible to obtain a simple solution to this problem by introducing the evolution (as an idea of evolution was known to the ancient – see, for example, Empedocles, Aristotle, Theophrastus, Titus Lucretius [4]).


We assume at first there were some proto-lizards (direct ancestors of chicken), they hatch eggs from leather (and in the shell of this eggs was a small, ever-increasing lime content).
But at some point proto-lizard lay an egg with completely lime shell, which can be considered a chicken egg. This moment - the most important for the entire problem.

1. If we believe the “chicken” means those who lays chicken eggs - that first appeared chicken. Of course, we can say that it has become a chicken only after the first egg laid. It is necessary to clarify - this chicken existed before laid the first egg (but before the first egg was laid, it wasn't exactly known that it is - the first chicken).

2. And if we assume that the “chicken” means those who hatched from an egg - the egg was the first. (If we take definition: “chicken” - those who hatched from a chicken egg - evolution becomes impossible, and the problem - insoluble).

The whole issue from this point of view - in the selection between 1 or 2, and it is conventions of observers, not the deep attribute of a nature.
Ie question - Scholastic (assuming the above evolution).

That’s all.

1. chicken and egg problem
2. Scientists have found out what it was before - the chicken or the egg
3. British scientists decided to dispute the chicken and egg
4. The pre-Darwinian period of development of evolutionary theory
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