Cryptic mind (indigoinsight) wrote in abstractthought,
Cryptic mind

Blue Lips

I am very passionate for nature, for I am part of it too. In the past year I have accepted my beauty and my mind. At this point in my life, I am on a journey that I may always see clearly. I find power in beauty and power in growing; beauty in progression. Listening to the voice whispering inside my head, and being patient with the silence inbetween. Though I am comfortable, I feel so powerful now. Energies from my surroundings hit my like a wave in the ocean. I see and feel so deeply that it sometimes hangs me like a puppet. Sometimes life just drowns me in the water that I drink. Drowning indecision, beautiful occurrences.
The pictures in her mind arose, and began to breathe.

My eyes choose colors sent by the sun
swirling together to shadow sleep for the moon
existing in nature
beautiful fiery hell
infinite theory's
endless destruction
falling buildings
screams fearing death
tall power
progression of the mind
fear ticking time
Insanity starring at the clock
small eyes..

Just thinking a lot tonight. I'm hanging on a star surrounding the moon, Looking over ever detail.

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