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How do I make it work?

So I grew up in a tiny, rural, country, southern, conservative town. I had a few bad experiences with religion, who hasn't? I grew up in a Pentecostal church, then started attending a Baptist church at 16, where I had another bad experience. I began looking for a new church. Fast forward to adulthood. I begin attending a Latter Day Saint church (Mormon). Don't get me wrong, there were good people in all three types of churches. The Mormon people are good. A little odd in some ways, yes...but what religion isn't? They're free to live how they see fit, and I am in no place to say otherwise. Well I was baptized into the Mormon church where I met my husband. Overall, I really enjoyed the church and the community. I love my husband dearly. However, I have since graduated from a liberal arts college, finished 2 years of law school, traveled the world, gone from conservative to very liberal, got 5 tattoos, and changed a whole lot. It occurred slowly over a 6-year period. However, my husband was very forceful about religion. I don't respond well to being told how I should live. After him being harsh, forceful, judgmental, and presenting himself as religiously superior and blamed me for the amount he had "fallen," I got fed up and left the church. The falling out has been insane. He yells and tells me I am preventing him from moving forward religiously. He gets crazy anytime I do something against his religion, and he takes my problem with the church very personally and takes it as a personal insult. How in the world do I make this marriage work? He is sweet, caring, and understanding about everything else. But anytime a religious topic comes up period, he loses it. I don't think divorce is the answer, but I'm not sure how to live with a conservative Mormon male, as a liberal, open-minded, spiritual more than religious, stubborn, determined, and feminist ex-Mormon female. How do I make it work?
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