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A Haven for Open Minds
Welcome to Abstract Thought, the community for the inquiry, examination, and evaluation of ideas; including the unknown or unpopular ones. This is a community where all are teachers and learners. It is a place to hone experimental ideas, discover different aspects of truth and share thoughts across minds and disciplines. The subject matter can be of the natural world, society, spirituality, humanity, psychology, science, technology, ethics, art, philosophy, etc.

A few rules (as few as possible actually)

1) Always keep your mind open. Closed, stagnant minds cannot learn. Closed, arrogant minds make bad teachers.

2) If something is commonly discussed and known about it does not belong here. There are several other debate forums where one can argue abortion and capital punishment to their heart's content. This is a place largely of experimental and innovative thought. Please keep this in mind.

3) Please avoid these kinds of posts: "What do you guys think about god?" "What is love?" "Why are people like they are?" They're tiresome, seldom generate good discussions, and for the most part, are too broad and ambiguous to deal with effectively. Don't just ask a question; present your own information and ideas. (in bold because it is the most ignored rule)

4) Please note that the name of this community is not "Random Thought". Just because something popped into your head does not mean it belongs here. This is a home for unpopular or unknown ideas, and all of us appreciate it when they are well-developed and show some effort.

5) This community has a multitude of members. Please keep this in mind, and keep the clutter down. This is much too large of a forum to allow people to ask for help with a project or advertise another community that has no relevance to Abstract Thought. Also, please do not make any more posts than you need to. Making two or three consecutive posts when the subject matter of each post is clearly linked is redundant, and could easily have been made into one post. If you have an afterthought, don't make a separate entry; edit the one you made before. Use your best judgment in administering lj-cuts.

This is an open community, but it is moderated. If your entry blatantly violates these rules, it will not be posted.

Dracumancer (Community Creator - 2001-2006)

Welcome to abstractmods, an ongoing side conversation between abstractthought's moderators concerning all things Abstract Thought, in which YOU are invited to observe what we get up to behind the scenes!

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